"Travelling School" to Colombia

Grace Pilgrimage 2010, Bogotá

In 2007, today´s pupils of the Youth School were at the age of 10 to 12 and participated for the first time in a GRACE-Pilgrimage in Israel-Palestine. They returned immensly moved by witnessing the injustice and violence human beings can inflict upon one another. They were then looking for ways to express their compassion and their hope for peace. They dreamt that they would tour the world with a theater piece and infect all the children to join them. This dream was taken serious by two creative teachers with the result that a theater piece was written that expresses the deep compassion and hope of the children in a most moving way. They translated this also from German into English and Portuguese and toured through Germany, Switzerland and Portugal.

Youth-Pilgrimage to Bogotá

Now, after an intensive summer of education with many international students, seven of the Youth School pupils have decided to participate in the GRACE Pilgrimage in Bogotá. This year's pilgrimage they want to use to familiarize themselves with the political and social situation of South America in an environment that is protected enough. They wish to get to know the youth of San José de Apartadó personally after having exchanged letters with them for some time.

After the pilgrimage the youth school is invited by the well known „Teatro La Candelaria“ in Bogotá, to perform the political children theatre play „The Black Shadow“.

"The Black Shadow" Bogotá

Maria, 13 years:

„Pilgrimages to other countries and above all to areas of crisis open up my heart, a little more each time. Each time I see a little more of the world and each time I am shaken, each time I want to do something, each time something new and powerful happens in our group and in my heart. I want that at some point the entire world is in my heart, that the world lives in my heart as I live in the world."

Naila, 13 years:

„I want to travel to Colombia because here at Tamera I learn to be touched by the fate of the children in Colombia, Brazil and Israel/Palestine without despairing. I allow the people to be close to me, since I know that I am able to help them even when I am at Tamera, since I know that by living at Tamera I help to build something different.“

The youth from San José will pilgrimage together with the youth of the Youth School of Tamera

The pilgrimage enables the youth to actually be confronted and exposed to the social and political situation of South America in a proteted space. Through the intimate contact with the youth of San José they will get to know what it means to live in a conflict area and still to go for peace.

For the youth of San José this encounter with our „western“ youth, who engage themselves for the world and live themselves in a peace village, may open up new perspectives and make them realise how valuable and important their work is.

Naila, 13 years:

„I also want to go to Colombia in order to get in close touch with the youth there. I want to be friends with them and help them to see the possibilities they enjoy in their peace village. I know that many of the youth want to leave to live in towns and they believe that there life would be better for them. From experince I know that it is much easier to make a contribution to the world if one is embeded in a community.“