"Travelling School" in Switzerland


In November 2012 a group of pupils from Tamera went on an educational trip to Berlin. Following this idea, on Thursday 22 January 2013, five younger children, in the ages between 5 and 9 years, went on a trip to Switzerland for 3 weeks. 

“Learning takes place in life” and “travel educates”. These principles accompanied us on our journey. In the “travelers school” we attune to the learning impulses and the interests of the children, and integrate them in our daily life. The tour offers a special space to experience this.

We also experienced community in a new way: How can I support the others? How do we solve conflicts in the group? How do I say what I want and support the whole at the same time? The children made various exercises for team-building. We dedicated ourselves to the following questions: “What is a team and how can you distinguish a team?” and we exchanged ideas about this.

Because we decided to travel with a public bus, the children studied geographic maps even before the start of the journey, they discussed possible itineraries and looked into the various countries that we would pass through. Our two youngest wanted to be able to read the road signs and started very motivatedly with “learning to write”.

Much excitement and inspiration brought the research for animals, that are present in only one of the countries that we pass through. A.o. we got to know the Iberian wolf and the Iberian lynx. Resulting from this joy, we acquainted ourselves with animal tracks. The animal world and its living habitats accompanied us in many ways.

It was a communitarian journey in winter. Besides experiencing and enjoying the snow, baking cookies together and listening to stories around the wood stove at night, we went on various excursions. We made trips to the Natural History Museum, the zoo, the technorama, the house of traffic etc. The “travelers school” is a research tour. We created a lot of space to follow the many questions that arose for the children and regularly took the time to make notes of what we experienced, creatively and in writing. Each child got a travel diary for this purpose.