Pedagogical Area:

Oskar Eckmann
Primary and Secondary Level Teacher - Math and Technology, Director of the Project, Supervisor for Secondary Level
Silvia Bossert
Primary Level Teacher, Motessori Instructor, Supervisor for Primary Level
Juliane Eckmann
Secondary Level Tutor - Community and Social Skills, Coordination of the Internal School Curriculum
Gabriele Brüggeman
Social Pedagogue, Team Supervisor, "Forum" Leader
Dr. Douglas Baillie
PhD, BSc - Science Teacher (interim)
Rico Lütscher
Primary Level Teacher, Motessori Instructor, Nature Teacher
Isabel Pedrosa
Primary and Secondary Level Teacher - Art and Portuguese (part-time), Coordinator of the (Portuguese) School Network
Rico Portilho
Theater Teacher, Actor, Theater Director
Iris Lindstedt
Primary and Secondary Level Teacher - German and Biology (part-time)

This team will be complemented by another two native Portuguese teachers and one native English teacher.

Experts for internal school curriculum, internships and projects:

Sustainable ecology, permaculture, water as a living being, ecological construction:
Christoph Ulbig (B.Sc. in International Forest Ecosystem Management, Carpenter), Bernd Müller (landscape healer, water expert), Janos Valder (Carpenter)

Human Technologies, applied physics, solar technologies:
Jürgen Kleinwächter (engineer, inventor), Dr. Douglas Baillie (PhD, Bsc), Martin Funk (engineer)

Cooperation with animals and nonviolent horse riding:
Maria Ullrich (horse riding instructor), Tina Ewald (Veterinary Doctor)

Theater and Art:
Janka Striffler (theater teacher), Jana Elger (art teacher), Beate Möller (artist)

Media, IT:
Andy Wolfrum (M. A. in Communication and Media), Kastor Stein (IT administrator)