Teachers and Educators:


Supervision & Development team:


Administration, Networking & Infrastructure team:

Experts for internal school curriculum, internships and projects:

Punctually during the school year, experts from our Tamera community intervene during specific times. We also sometimes receive support from teachers from the region.

Sustainable ecology, permaculture, water as a living being, ecological construction:
Christoph Ulbig (B.Sc. in International Forest Ecosystem Management, Carpenter), Bernd Müller (landscape healer, water expert), Uta Schneeweiss (midwife and nutritionist), Janos Valder (Carpenter)

Human Technologies, applied physics, solar technologies:
Jürgen Kleinwächter (engineer, inventor), Dr. Douglas Baillie (PhD, Bsc), Martin Funk (engineer)

Cooperation with animals and nonviolent horse riding:
Freya Voigt (horse riding instructor)

Theater and Art:
Bijou Lindstedt (art teacher), Jana Elger (art teacher), Beate Möller (artist)

Media, IT:
Martin Winiecki (Political teacher), Andy Wolfrum (Media and social networks teacher), Jan Regelmann (website master), Kastor Stein (IT administrator)