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If you like our work, here are concrete options to support us and to build connection.

You could either:

  1. Become a member of our support circle! You give a monthly amount (5€, 15€, 50€, 500€ or the amount you like) and you receive our 2022 school calendar with exclusive content around the issue of raising free children.

  2. Give a donation! You want to support us with a small or big gift? Thank you! We are currently renovating our lunch hall for the winter and raising 9500€ for this. For donations from 500€ on we offer you a Tamera online course for free.

  If you are interested:


There are also other ways to help our work:

You can share with us any contacts you may have to private or public funding organisations!

And of course we are also happy to receive any as-new donations of helpful items. For school books in particular we ask that you inquire before donating as we have particular conceptual and content requirements.

For more Information about the funding of the school - click here!

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Many heartfelt thanks for your support!
The team and pupils of the Escola da Esperança