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Student Exchange: Project Âncora - Tamera

Written by the students of Âncora project: We, 18 ‘educators and educated‘ from the Âncora project, aim to go to Tamera, community in South Portugal, to get to know it, develop relationships, learn about sustainability and apply it in our community in Brasil.

The students of Escola dda Esperança dreamt to get to know our way of life and of learning here in the Âncora School Project in São Paulo in a student exchange. They could make this dream come true, and 14 of them where with us in São Paulo in February 2016. Here you can find their report! Now, to complete this exchange, we want to go visit them and see how they live and learn, and we dream to go in October this year.

We co-live in a world ever more violent, conflictive, chaotic and socially and economically unequal, where people are individualist and don‘t care about each other, neither about the planet. To learn this community life, as it takes place in Tamera, would help us transforming this place where we live and change our lives. One of the way to support our community is to bring ideas and adapt them to live in a better world. As Tamera is in Portugal, country where the Escola da Ponte is also located, we wouldn‘t miss this chance to visit it… We will go together with the Tamera youth to get to know this school that inspired the creation of the Âncora School Project.

We created a crowdfunding campaign to pay the flight tickets, food, lodging and all transport. For the last 2 years we have been fundraising in our community in different ways: baking sweets, cultural events, flea market, pallet upcycling, raffles and presentations to visitors of our project.

Please support us in building a better world… come and join this transformation!! ;-)