Holiday Camp July 1-9

Let's hunt for treasures

A holiday camp in and around Tamera


Hey you, yes you! Do you want to come and hunt for treasures with us? Then feel feel warmly welcome! We will be going to find hidden treasures: the treasures of nature, the treasure in your heart and of course: the legendary Treasurebox at the end of the rainbow.

On this hunt we will:

  • solve a series of tricky puzzles
  • making jewelry
  • shoot with bow and arrow
  • take care of nature and learn to read animal traces
  • play theater
  • sing treasure songs
  • also once being on the road in the night
  • have the possibility to sleep under the stars
  • and many more missions and adventures! 

We will also be going on a two day long hike, (8km/with a light day backpack)



Age: 7-10

Dates: July 1st, 2019 (11am) – July 9th 2019 (3pm)

Languages: Portuguese and English

Location: Escola da Esperança, Relíquias and surrounding

Costs: 210€

Registration until 24/06/19: sarah.steinemann(at)



Some of the activities lived