Portuguese as Second Language – Puppet Project Spring/Summer 2014

"We want to create our own puppets," this was immediately clear after the first visit of the puppeteer Isabel “Artesã de Estórias” in Relíquias, the neighboring village . Therefore, Isabel Pedrosa, our Portuguese teacher, went with a small group of children to Relíquias weekly, where they were welcomed in the puppet workshop.
Beside creating the puppets, the aim was to get in contact with the Portuguese language. Through working together the language suddenly didn’t seem to be border anymore. "Actually I understood everything," said Arion, even though he doesn’t speak a lot of Portuguese yet.

A short fantastical story was created: When the brothers Felix and Max were playing outside, Felix was kidnapped by a robber. By chance a fairy is saving him and bringing him back to his brother. The next day, the fairy tells them that she saw how sad the robber is because he is always alone and is actually looking for a friend. Immediately they decide to go to visit him in the forest. They invite him to live with them and celebrate a big welcoming party...
Texts were created, stage designs prepared and first scenes played. Out of this, following short movie was created with simple medias.