We went to the garden

One of the gifts that our community has taken from the lock-down period is the decision to work together in our gardens. We have met 3 times a week – adults and youngsters, gardeners and those with no experience of this work. We took this decision in support of the region’s food autonomy as well as for the joy of coming together. Here is a short essay written by our children who supported this initiative.

In the garden
By: Lucia and Alma

In the garden we are about twelve people.
In the garden we have already seen a rat, eggs of ants and a salamander.
In the garden we plant and we water. We do the garden because the old people cannot do a garden and because we can go to the garden together.
We plant vegetables because we don’t want cars to drive from Spain with our vegetables. Because in the cars is petroleum. Because each drop of petroleum is the blood of the earth.
We every Tuesday to the garden. We are Alma, Kaya, Aron, Neo, Lucia, Sarah and Silvie. We plant broccoli, tomatoes, beans, pepper, spinach, carrots, fennel and more … My favourite thing is working with the broad fork.
We prepared the vegetable beds alone. We did not used a tractor because with the tractor we kill animals and because it flattens small microorganisms. We are doing the compost by ourselves. We mix different composts. We experiment with "Terra Preta" because charcoal sucks in the water and because this summer we don’t have so much water.