„Youth in Community“ - Unleash your potential

Youthcamp in Tamera 1st – 14th of August

Dear Friends,
In the year 2016 we want to host a Youthcamp with the Motto „Youth in Community“. You are warmly invited to be a part of it. The time from the 1st-14th of August we want to dedicate to the exiting questions of our times. How is community created? What does friendship mean? How is trust created within a group? How can conflicts be resolved in a peaceful way? What is our contribution to positive change in this world?
In our common time we want to learn more about ourselves: Who are we? Who do we want to be? What did we never dare to be? Who am I, growing to be a young woman/man?
We hope that a lot of young people from all around the world come and join us. We are also happy to receive youth from other communities.
The Youthcamp will take place in Tamera, a community of 150 people. Since over 40 years Tamera is researching in all different areas necessary for a sustainable future for human civilization on earth. There will be a lot of exiting things to be discovered in Tamera;  The Water Retention Landscape, the Solar Village, the work and cooperation with Animals, and much more.
Also during the time of the Youthcamp there will be a lot of people present in Tamera from all over the world. Mainly activists/peace workers from different crisis areas around the world, who try to create a peaceful perspective in the midst of todays war. Some of these people we want to invite to ask them about their living situation and to start a conversation about visions for a future where no Humans nor Animals have to suffer anymore.
How do we imagine a world, that we really wish for?

What is expecting you:

  • an international group
  • creative, artistic group games
  • long nights
  • common man/womens circles
  • sharing spaces for your questions
  • various workshops
  • excursions to nature
  • young and motivated camp leaders
  • and much more …


So, are you interested? 
Then send us an email and we will be in touch: youthcamp.unleash.2016@gmail.com

We are looking forward to meeting you, your „Youth in Community“ Team

Some more information about the camp:

  • Language: English
  • Costs for food and lodging: 20€/night (15€/night for portuguese youth)
  • Venue: „Place of the Children“ in Tamera
  • Accommodation: Please bring your own tent if you don't want to stay with the group, or simply want to have your own space.
  • Catering: vegan full board
  • Arrival and departure: on the day before/after the camp.