The “travelling school” constitutes an important element of our school because many learning subjects can be experienced for real on-site and more easily internalized. Shorter and longer journeys in Portugal and other countries bring us into contact with the people and culture, allow us to learn geography, to research history on-site, to explore living spaces and biodiversity, as well as – for older children – to recognize political contexts. Additionally, travelling offers character-building opportunities: dealing with new impressions, finding one’s way in new situations, being away with a group. This often leads to developmental leaps which were not previously foreseeable.

Normally, there is a big journey in autumn, often incorporated in the “Global Campus,” the political network of the Tamera Peace Research Center. These journeys are often associated with a theater tour, in which theater connects children and monitors, providing a special contact zone to exchange experiences locally with others.

History of the Travelling School in our Project

In1995 we created a Youth School in the community of Tamera which accompanied several generations of young people on “Political Journeys” into various countries:

A theatre piece was created by the young actors on the basis of their experiences in Israel/Palestine. For many years this play was at the core of our internal and international community-building. The piece was performed in Germany, Switzerland, Portugal and finally in Colombia together with a group of young actors from the Peace Communuty in Colombia, member of the network Global Campus.
Watch video: Hope for Colombia (Youth part)!