Youth camp 2017 in Tamera

“Youth in Community” - Unleash your potential

Dear youth from all over the world,
We invite you for this years youth camp from 31 July till 13th of August in the peace research center Tamera in Portugal.
We want to come together with you for a time of political reflection - looking into the world how it is today and thinking together of possible answers to the current situation of the planet.
How could the world look in 30 years if we had the courage and knowledge to change something positively? What is our contribution as a young generation?
That’s why we also want to use our time for building community: Who are we as young men and women? What are our personal questions and interests? What does friendship mean to us? And how can we create trust among each other?
We want to work on a perspective of how human beings can live together without any violence, in trust and cooperation, and in relation to nature.
With all these questions we want to work creatively, with theater, dance, poetry and music. As the highlight of our camp we will have a final presentation at the end of our time where we will present the outcome of our time together.

This year we especially want to strengthen the cooperation between the youth groups of several international communities and social projects. We will strongly be connected with our summer event Defend the Sacred: Envision a Global Alternative“ and come in contact with global peace activists, such as members of the standing rock movement in the US, activists from Israel / Palestine and other countries in order to get to know current political movements for peace and the perspective they are working for.

If you are interested to join the camp, don't hesitate to contact us.
See you in August,
Your Youth in Community Team.

Some more information about the camp:
Language: English
Dates: 31 July.-13 August 2017
Costs for food and lodging: 20€/night (15€/night for Portuguese youth)
Venue: „Place of the Children“ in Tamera
Accommodation: Please bring your own tent if you don't want to stay with the group, or simply want to have your own space. Otherwise we have a big tent, and usually the participants want to sleep together under the stars in our little forest nearby.
Catering: Vegan full board
Arrival and departure: On the day before/after the camp.