Teachers and Educators:

Benjamin Bogosian, USA
Secondary Level English & Technology Teacher
Teacher for Project times
Silvia Laureano Costa, Portugal
Secondary Level Portuguese Teacher
Rico Portilho, Austria
Theatre Teacher
Hugo Viriato, Portugal
Secondary Level Maths, Science, Physics and Chemistry Teacher
Corinna Krauch, Germany
Primary and Secondary Level Acrobatics Teacher
Class mentor
Rico Lütscher, Switzerland
Primary Level Teacher, Montessori Instructor, Nature Guide
Joana Barreira, Portugal
Primary Level Teacher
Sarah Steinemann, Switzerland
Primary Level Teacher
Mafalda Carinha, Portugal
Arts & Movement Teacher
Aya Pinner, Israel-Palestine
Anne Bretschneider, Germany
Kindergardener in education
Samara Andreia Matos, Portugal

Supervision & Development team:

Anja Funk, Germany
Teachers Manager
Hanka Holzmüller, Germany
School Manager
German Teacher
Oskar Eckmann, Germany
School Director and Visionary
Primary & Secondary Level Maths Teacher
Gabriele Brüggeman, Germany
Social Pedagogue, Team Supervisor, "Forum" Leader
Nora Czajkowski, Germany
Youth leader
Juliane Eckmann, Germany
Secondary Level Tutor
Eiko Goldbeck, Germany
Secondary Level Tutor
Sports Teacher
Youth leader
Silvie Bossert, Switzerland
Primary Level Teacher, Montessori Instructor

Administration, Networking & Infrastructure team:

Laure Luciani, France
Secretary and Administration
School Networker
Shivam Vicente, Portugal
Kitchen Chief and Chef
Sérgio Correia, Portugal
Maintenance Technician

Experts for internal school curriculum, internships and projects:

Occasionally throughout the school year, experts from our Tamera community offer learning sessions. We also receive support from teachers from the region.

Sustainable ecology, permaculture, water as a living being, ecological construction:
Christoph Ulbig (B.Sc. in International Forest Ecosystem Management, Carpenter), Bernd Müller (landscape healer, water expert), Uta Schneeweiss (midwife and nutritionist), Janos Valder (Carpenter)

Human Technologies, applied physics, solar technologies:
Jürgen Kleinwächter (engineer, inventor), Dr. Douglas Baillie (PhD, Bsc), Martin Funk (engineer)

Cooperation with animals and nonviolent horse riding:
Maria Ullrich (horse riding instructor)

Theater and Art:
Bijou Lindstedt (artist), Jana Elger (art teacher inspired by Arno Stern), Beate Möller (art teacher)

Media, IT:
Martin Winiecki (Political teacher), Andy Wolfrum (Media and social networks teacher), Jan Regelmann (website master), Kastor Stein (IT administrator)