new children JOINING our activities

The Escola da Esperança is meant to become a school for children from the surrounding region and the community of Tamera. It is for now a community-based learning space, for children from the community of Tamera and neighbours.

If you are interested to join our group as a parent for your child, you are welcome to send us your interest. We generally don’t have capacity for more children, only in specific cases and only for Portuguese-speaking children. Here is the process to get in touch with us about it:

First Contact, visit us in an Open Day at the Children’s Place
Interested parents and families can come and get to know the Children’s Place and the team. You can get an insight into the work of the developing school, the current status of the preparations and the running learning group. There will be opportunities to ask questions and have talks. To register for next Open Day please register.

Individual Talks
Once you have taken part in one of the Open Days and we can go further in the process of joining us for your child, we are happy to meet you for a one-to-one conversation. In this way we can decide together whether the Escola da Esperança project is right for your child and if so what the next steps would be. We would like you to be as well-informed as possible before making your decision; for this reason we ask you to read the information on our website thoroughly.

Our learning project is mostly financed by parents and by the community of Tamera. As many alternative schools, we are depending on donations from a global network of friends for alternative education, so that we don’t need to raise the monthly fee paid by the parents and remain accessible for families with diverse economic backgrounds: currently the monthly contribution asked for is around 330€/child, 550€/2 children of the same family. To know more about our economic model.

Getting to know Tamera
The Escola da Esperança is part of the International Peace Research Centre, Tamera. It was developed by its coworkers and is carried by Tamera’s years of research. We ask you to inform yourself about the basic thoughts of Tamera. More information about Tamera can be found here!

Another option for people who want to get to know Tamera better are the Tamera introduction weeks. During these weeks you can get an insight into the basic thoughts of Tamera and its projects.

The next introduction week you can find here!

Sincere thanks for your interest in the Escola da Esperança. We hope to welcome you and your children soon.