End of Term 2014/15 Celebration

On the 20th of June, the Community, visitors and neighbors of Tamera were received at the Place of the Children.

The outside kitchen was offering cakes, drinks and fruits to those who were arriving. The rooms were decorated with projects, paintings and photos of the students who were celebrating the end of the school year under the frame of Homeschooling.
At around nine the gong was heard and all guests gathered. The celebration started with an improvised performance that inspired laughter and curiosity. It was followed by presentations of acrobatics, Acro-yoga and aerial silk acrobatics. These were breath taking moments that showed the learning capacities of the students. The educators congratulated and complimented the pupils publicly and the morning continued with a lottery organized by the youth that had the goal to fund raise for the political journey to Brazil that some of them will have the possibility to experience. The celebration ended with questions to the guests which were prepared by the students and that reflected how learning in community is important for the development, enrichment, and happiness of our future generations.