Native Indian’s Summer Camp Report – 23-28th of June 2014

June the 23th, 2014: Gray clouds move across the sky, a first tent is already built up, 21 excited pairs of eyes examine each other…10 Children from Tamera and 11 children from the region will spend together the next week at the “Place of the Children” – as little Native Indians.

After the camp site was completed by setting up a large tepee, we had the whole week to discover the art of Archery, for face painting, tinkering our own and collective dream catchers and exploring the surrounding. Already after a short time, we immersed into the exciting world of the Native American Indians. When it was dark at night, we laid down in the forest and were telling stories to each other until we fell asleep – satisfied and nourished by the day.

Some of the children were so gripped by the spirit of adventure that we didn’t do anything else than seeking together spirits and wild boars, which they suspected in the dark, and to hike through the night being enchanted by the stars and constellations.

By all these experiences the group merged together, so that the different languages were not an obstacle any more. Even more, the kids started to help each other translating during the meetings.
We are very grateful for this week with the kids. It gave us a foretaste about how it would look like when Escola da Esperança will start: A place where different languages are spoken and the children enthusiastically research together on one topic…

Thank you to the children for their joyful participation and to the parents for their trust!