Networking and Education Symposium

We want to hold the next International Education Symposium once the Escola da Esperança will have started operations.

For some time, in Portugal newly dedicated initiatives in the area of education have been emerging. Innovative people, teachers, and parents are getting together, new projects emerge and networks are created (for example the Rede da Educação Viva). Since the 2013 International Education Symposium in Tamera, we have been expanding our contact to pedagogically interesting projects in Portugal.
In 2014, our teacher Silvia Bossert has held some workshops about the basis of the Montessori pedagogy, which have been well attended by internal and external teachers and parents. In November 2014 one of these workshops was held outside of Tamera for the first time, within the newly emerging project KINOA in Almada/Lisbon.
Also for 2015 we were asked to contribute our experience within several occasions.
One of which is a series of events created by ESTUFA: the “Ciclo de Encontros e Reflexões sobre Educação” (Cycle of meetings and reflections about education).  The next semester is dedicated especially to the presentation and deepening of various alternative pedagogic directions. We are happy to present the Escola da Esperança on May 30th and to be able to offer an introductory workshop of the Montessori-methodology from 15.30h on, for parents and teachers. Warmly welcome!

Furthermore, José Pacheco, coming from Brazil, reformer of the “Escola da Ponte”, close to Porto, whom some have gotten to know as being a revolutionary and global speaker for individual and communitarian learning, was on a tour through Portugal during March 2015, and spent a day in Tamera in that framework.
On March 21st /22nd there was a big national network meeting within this framework (“Forum de inovação em educação” – Forum for innovation in education) in Idanha-Nova, in which representatives of the Escola da Esperança also took part.

June 2015