Back from the U.S.

In autumn 2019, we – the youth group of the Escola de Esperança Project – made a political education trip to the USA. Now we are back, full of new experiences, gratitude and ideas for the future. In this report, we want to share with you what happened on our trip.

On the trip were: Mante Kleinhammes (12) Anita Holzmüller (13) Arion Lütscher (15) Camillo Faber (16) Silvio Mockert (16) and Mara Bähr (17)
Accompanied by Nora Czajkowski, Eiko Goldbeck and Simon du Vinage.

Political journeys are an essential part of the concept of the Escola da Esperança. In our Traveling School, the younger children explore our region and other countries
in Europe. The teenage students venture further into the world; for them the political journeys are part of their initiation into adulthood. They also support the development of their global awareness and help them to  find direction for their commitment for the world.

Preparing and planning the trip together was an important part of the learning process, which started about a year before the actual trip. Mara shares: “We have the chance to get to know projects that are really working on alternatives and give hope.”

You can download and read the beautiful report that the youth created with many pictures and testimonies as well as deep content about the relevance of each day they lived and project they visited.