Ritual of Transformation in the Kindergarten

The children of the Kindergarten are blossoming and growing. 

We celebrate the ritual of transformation several times a year. With this, we want to give an opportunity to the parents and caretakers of the children, to see the many steps of development the children make, in a conscious and celebrative way. 

The ritual is a space to worship the pure being of each child and its unique qualities. The recurring frame strengthens the feeling of comfort and is supporting the ‘WE’-feeling of the group.

One example: In the ritual of transformation, the 3-4 years old children, entered the ritual space as caterpillars, were wrapped into a cocoon of toilet paper, which they cracked out of, into their new state of being with wings: to become butterflies! Accompanied by music and voice, they flew and drank the juice of light and love like butterflies do. Their community of friends and parents surrounded this whole ritual.

The butterflies are ready to take on their new tasks in the Kindergarten. They help the smaller ones to tidy up and get dressed, give social orientation in daily life and especially in conflict situations. The butterflies can explore in a wider radius their physical surrounding and the miracles of the world.