Project Week about Science and Nutrition

How does the human body works and what do we need to survive? Food and air? And what is our relation to the food we consume?

We started our week, by inviting Irma, a member of our community, to speak about why did she become vegan, sharing with us the violent reality of an animal in the food industry and also showing us how easy it can be to live a healthy and balanced life without causing suffering in other beings. 

In this sense, we also invited Katrin, a specialist in nutrition from our community, who brought us some facts about the vegan diet – how and why. And closing this window of nutrition and its impact in the world, we also had Catarina, mother of 2 of our students, who spoke about the fair trade topic, namely the chocolate industry.  

Still on the topic of the world that surrounds us, we visited the Herbal House, together with Irma, where she spoke about the medicinal powers of the plants that exist here in our land. We also learned how to identify each one of them and its potential use. 

Later in our week, we delved  into the question: how does the human body works? And here we had our school teacher Hugo, explaining the different systems in the body and how they function. Eiko  was also with us, showing how the respiratory system functions in a more practical level, measuring the volume of air in each one´s lungs. 

Later in the week, we invited one of our midwives from Tamera, Uta, to speak about the female cycle. She brought us several questions, such as: does our body also works with cycles, like in Nature? What is the connection between the moon phases and the woman cycle? And how can this be related to the seasons?

We then ended our week with the pregnancy and birth theme. Here, through images and Q&A, we got a more complete idea about this magical moment in a human being´s life. 

The girls from the 6th grade spent 2 nights up in the mill house, in Tamera, with 3 teachers Corina, Julianne and Mafalda, where we had relaxed spaces, sharing moments between girls and women and it was also a space for several other topics to be seen in a very beautiful space. 

It was an intense and fantastic week!