Children are cosmic beings

“Home is being embedded in a greater whole.” (D. Duhm) The highest principle is respectful care and protection for the life of all beings on our planet Earth. Within every child and every young person there is a seed of compassion and humanity. Nurturing this is the most important goal of the Escola da Esperança, the School of Hope.

“I saw the world without any borders,
without any fighting, without any fear,
So captain, give the order
We are going to cross the next frontier …“

(From: ‘Moon Rider’, words of astronaut Eugene Cernan )

Astronauts have the unique opportunity to look at planet Earth from a great distance. This enables them to see something that we have lost sight of in our preoccupation with our everyday lives: an Earth that could be free of violence and war, free from boundaries, free from fear.  Children are like astronauts. They look at things from a perspective which is light-hearted; full of compassion and sympathy. They see a world of peace and justice, a world in which they can understand the language of animals, a world full of magic and great inventions. The potential for manifesting our future lies in the dreams of children.

In the Escola da Esperança these cosmic vibrations of hope are allowed to spread into the child’s soul. Children should not only learn about functional connections but should also experience the magic and beauty of life. The learning process will provide time and space to marvel at the wonders of creation, the inherent logic and the healing powers of life, the night sky and the manifold beauty of the plants and animals. Children and young people should be able to develop their great intellectual potential, to strengthen their personalities and should be encouraged to stand for their dreams.

Children and adolescents will be the stewards of the future of this planet. Each child bears an immediate, authentic peace force within. To protect and strengthen this force, children need  living and learning environments of human truth, security and trust.