Easter Youth Camp 2024

As every year we just had a wonderful holiday time with a small group of young people between 13 and 20 years old at our place of the children.

When we thougt about our main intention of the camp, we decided to make it a time of common action at the homeschooling intitiative many of the teenagers grew up in. Renovate our camp shower, make glasses out of old beautiful bottles, create a mosaik from broken dishes and a few more such projects. Everyone was happy to be together and very motivated for their task which was beautiful to watch.
We also had very revealing and trustful sharing spaces amongst boys and girls. It is touching to feel their readiness to use the chance to tell about important things in their lives and really dare new steps. We are very thankful to be given this trust.
During the whole time wind and rain where around us and we could watch our beloved lakes fill up. 
In the evenings we enjoyed the cosy yurt to watch the new film “water is love”, had an evening at our cultural center, played games or did body work.
It was a very nourishing, joyful time!
Thanks to everyone who helped to manifest it!