Kings, Princesses and Castles – trip to Sintra

For a number of weeks we have been looking at castles, fortresses, kings, knights, princesses and all matters related to them.

To bring the period to life for the children and also to give them an opportunity to get to know Portugal better, we went on a trip to Sintra, leaving on 4 May and spending a whole week finding out about all the different places there. The children continually took on new roles with great gusto and installed themselves in the little towers of the Quinta da Regaleira or explored underground passages, experiencing a day full of thrills and excitement.
The subject of royal society also led onto fine dining with several courses and brought up different interpretations of good table manners…
We stayed in Terra Alta, a community of friends, where the children fell in love with the tiny baby kittens and the whole host family – a period of intense community feeling in which each child could find their place and rediscover their inner qualities.
A celebratory princely dinner with all parents brought the trip to a fitting end.