In the eyes of the children shines the promise of a peaceful future

Welcome to the Escola da Esperança project


The Children and young people are the carriers and designers of the future of this planet. Each child carries within itself a direct, authentic peace power. The main goal of the Escola da Esperança – the School of Hope – is to nurture this peace power.


Current State

We are running a community-based learning space for children from the community of Tamera and around.


Our Future

We want to create a community-based international school in the region of Alentejo in Portugal.



We are part of a network of educative initiatives and want to strengthen the movement of innovative learning models.

Current News

Cosmos and Body

Cosmos and Body

Recently the so-called Red learning group had a special learning week. Meeting with Mara and...

“The thinking of the future must make wars impossible.”


Key Concepts

2. Thinking of the future

2. Thinking of the future

“The thinking of the future must make wars impossible.” (Albert Einstein) The foundation of a...

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