Learning contact with horses

Children love horses and horses love children, almost always. The moments in which a big, powerful and elegant animal follows a child in total trust or offers its back for a ride, are some of the greatest gifts that horses can give. In their company children learn a lot about body awareness, body coordination and communication. The children learn to “communicate” with the horses. The most advanced children ride without saddle or reins, learning to guide their mount through their presence and body language alone. This involves a very deep process of trust between human and animal.

Protecting and caring for animals

“Helping helps!” A child’s heart is full of compassion. If a child sees a wounded animal or a young one who has lost its mother, the child wants to help immediately. This impulse to help will be fostered and developed in the Escola da Esperança. In this way the children can, with the support of adults, care, feed, cure and raise wounded animals from wild and neighbouring lands.

This experience is based on Tamera developing for decades knowledge about understanding and communicating with animals. If you wish to know more about it, visit this page.