"The development and realisation of new, innovative forms of learning with life-affirming content long ago became an issue not only of education but also of politics, if not also a question of survival for our blue planet Earth." (Oskar Eckmann).


We would like to express our gratitude for all the support we have received so far on this long journey!


Our economic model

Our school is entirely financed by all parents and by the community of Tamera. Especially due to the pandemic, the last two years were financially challenging for us in school and the Tamera community. Currently, we handle a yearly budget of 110.000€, with 72% in salaries to teachers and specialists. All community members working in our school are volunteers and their daily life costs are covered by the community. Including this cost into our budget, it doubles it to 220.000€. Our income is covered with 80% from the community of Tamera, 18% from the parents and 2% from individual donors from our network.

What do we need?

As many alternative schools, we are depending on donations so that we don't need to raise the monthly fee paid by the parents and remain accessible for families with diverse economic backgrounds: currently the monthly fee is 300€/child, 500€/2 children of the same family.

For example, at the moment we need to renovate our lunch hall for the winter (9.500€).

How to contribute?

  1. Joining our Support circle: Your monthly donation contributes to pay our running costs.
  2. Making a one-off donation: For a one-time investment, student language trips within Portugal, networking and teaching resources, scholarships for students who cannot afford the monthly fee, we need for the current school-year: 18.000€
  3. Investing for the future: In parallel to running our home-schooling group, we are preparing the future Escola da Esperança to emerge. This involves mainly lawyers, architects, engineers, visionaries, educators. Currently 55.000€ are currently needed.

Please donate now

Feel free to share with us any contacts you may have to private or public funding organisations!

With your help we can spread the costs of the Escola da Esperança project over many shoulders. As we don't want to become an elitist group of privileged children, we call the global network of alternative education's friends to widen this group of supporters, especially with the focus on allowing Portuguese children to join. 


A sincere thank you.