Youth camp 2017 in Tamera

“Youth in Community” - Unleash your potential - Sacred Activism

Dear youth from all over the world, 

From July 31st till August 13th 33 teenager from seven different countries met in Tamera to together think about the question: Can we believe that we can positively change something on this planet and if so, how?

Our time started with deep look into the work of Tamera – why did the founders of Tamera have the impulse to create a model for a peaceful culture and what does it look like today? From this question our journey began. We heard a very touching report from Tokata Iron Eyes, a 13 year old activist from the Standing Rock reservation, who spoke about the history of Standing Rock, her life circumstances and her activism. 

We continued with the question: If that is what‘s happening in the world, how could we change it? Could we even change reality with our thoughts or with information, and if so, how?

Parallel to this, we created spaces of trust, especially through the Forum, in which the teenagers could see and understand each other on a more truthful level than we often experience in everyday life. In a three days trip to nature with nights sleeping under the stars, common exercises for overcoming our fears and mutual guidance with blindfolded eyes, we dove deeper into the topic of community-building and  trust building among the group members. Through male and female rounds we got to know each other ever deeper. 

In the second week of our summer event of Tamera, Sacred Activism‘ started, in which many peace workers and activists from all over the world came together to share and speak about their work and what possibilities we have to act for the protection of our planets future. One main focus were the people of Standing Rock, the initiators of the movement. They spoke powerfully about the reconciliation between the western world and the first nation people of America and about a possible cooperation for the defense of our planet. 

The highlight of the second week was a big action we did with the environmental activist and areal-art artist John Quickly at the beach of Odeceixe (link) to stop the planned oil drilling in front of our coast in Portugal. With more than 1000 people, we formed a giant dolphin and the message: "Não ao Furo, Sim ao Futuro - Defend the Sacred". It was a powerful day for us and for the teenagers because we could take part in something that gives a very meaningful and relevant message into the world.

At the end of the camp the teenagers got the task to write about what they have learned and experienced throughout their time together. They created beautiful texts and poems which they presented in our cultural center in front of the guests of the summer event. In a kind of poetry slam with music and rap they showed bravely their thoughts and questions. It was a powerful end for the youth camp. 

Thank you for the time full of life, big thoughts and friendship. 

Thank you and see you next year, 

your youth camp team

Eiko, Corinna, Simon and Nora

Some of the activities lived