"The development and realisation of new, innovative forms of learning with life-affirming content long ago became an issue not only of education but also of politics, if not also a question of survival for our blue planet Earth." (Oskar Eckmann, Escola da Esperança Project Leader).

Realising a new kind of school project like the Escola da Esperança demands a lot of stamina and the support of a large and perfect circle of friends.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude for all of the support that we have received so far on this long journey.
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We need a broad base of financial support for the homeschooling handover phase in which we currently find ourselves.

Our school is entirely financed by all parents and by the community of Tamera. Currently, we handle a yearly budget of 110.000€, with 72% in salaries for teachers and supporters. Our income is covered with 65% from the community of Tamera, 32% from the parents and 3% from individual donors from our network.

We hope to expand the following funding areas for next school year:

  1. A Support circle: Your regular funding contributions help pay operating costs.
  2. A Donation fund: For one-off investments, pupil language trips within Portugal, networking and teaching resources we need approximately

Donate now!

With your help we can spread the costs of the Escola da Esperança homeschooling project over many shoulders. As we don't want to become an elitist group of privileged children, We need to call the global network of alternative education's friends to widen this group of supporters, especially with the focus on allowing Portuguese children to join. 


A sincere thank you.